The car stays!

Forget that fact that its a mint Nissan 350z that drives as good as it looks…. There is one very good reason to keep it! Nissan did very well to but a BOSE system in the car… and with a regular service and clean, it still sounds pretty dam awesome.

Reasons to be cheerful, 1-2-3

This is my main Cassette combo. From the top down: Nakamichi BX-300 Nakamichi NR-200 Nakamichi NR-200 Nakamichi┬áRX-505 The NR-200 is an out-board Dolby B & C noise reduction encoder/decoder that gives greater flexibility with regards to recording. All four Nakamichi units have been fully serviced by the UK’s only Nak service centre. I honestly can’t … Continue reading Reasons to be cheerful, 1-2-3

Some of the troops

having managed to get the record collection tamed and in alphabetical order, time to get the troops in order. Just need to decide if it’s in chronological order or preference!

Yamaha update

The magic balls worked a treat! However, the balls are about 2mm wider than required. So the plan is to now figure out what’s needed to make soft sponge foam and create a mold with my Formlab plus 3D printer. I also have some new Nano Tube drivers on the way that should. E a … Continue reading Yamaha update

A – Z (finally)

So, thanks to the power of the spreadsheet and an early start this sunday morning, I have now completed the mission I set myself for the weekend. Getting all my vinyl ito alphabetical order. I did the spreadsheet yesterday, and this morning, after arranging the Artist column into the correct Ascending / descending order, I … Continue reading A – Z (finally)


Not the best sounding tape, but certainly one of the sexiest! Getting to the point where I may respool some of the open ones with decent Type II so they sound as good as they look