Just popped my Boodo Khan cherry!

Ive been aware of the Sony DD-100 (AKA the Boodo Khan) walkman since Massive Attack’s 3D bragged about his “Sony Boodo Khan” on the Blue Lines album.

But actually getting one was another matter….

Until today.


Holy shit, this machine kicks ass. The DOL (Dynamic Optimum Loudness) is everything Mega Bass is not. Its one of those things that has to be experienced first hand.

Granted, it doesnt have Dolby C like the DC2, but for the last month Ive made a concerted effort to record slightly hot and without any NR on higher grade cassettes and Im loving it.

So, Ive rushed home, opened this machine up to DEOXIT all the pots and switches and she really is sublime.

The search is over.