The DC2 is back

I have the house almost to myself this evening. My wife is at the cinema with her friends, and the youngest daughter is revising. So it’s time to just sit back and let the DC2 / Little Dot MKII (with upgraded tubes) feed the Beyer DT880’s with some Jamiroquai on a new That’s VX. Sadly … Continue reading The DC2 is back

New Decals needed!

So, reaching out to a few companies (one very close to home) that may be able to help with creating the missing link between an nicely restored Walkman and a fantastically restored Walkman. After 30 years and more, the ITS A SONY sticker is either missing, curled or partially attached. It can ruin an otherwise … Continue reading New Decals needed!


One of my faves as a teen. The Sennheiser HD40. My original pair, purchased in 86 not long after my 16th, along with a pair of Wharfdale Diamonds from a long since closed hifi shop in Croydon’s now closed Drummond Centre. back in the 80’s, Croydon was awash with great HiFi shops. I have not … Continue reading HD-40