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With Equinoxe Infinity, a brand new Equinoxe album is released for the 40th anniversary of the original. In 1978, Jean Michel Jarre composed and produced an album that reflected the music of our future and thus revolutionized electronic music history. As a supporting element on Equinoxe it was about the Watchers (the observers), who were seen on the original album cover in infinite numbers. Who are these watchers? Are you watching us? Are you a friend or an enemy? In 1987, in an emerging era of technology and innovation, these Watchers were a symbol of machines watching us, an early vision of what the future would bring us. At Equinoxe Infinity, Jean Michel Jarre continues this idea. The new work is released with two covers. One version embodies a future in which man lives in harmony with nature. The other version shows the destruction that machines and humans could bring across the planet. For the well-known as innovator and pioneer Jarre, the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Man vs Machine is the most important and explosive topic for the future of humanity. For his thoughts, Jarre was honoured in 2017 with the Standing Hawkins Medal of Science. Equinoxe Infinity is the soundtrack for this two-sided vision of the future. The cover can not be selected when ordering. The selection is made at the request of the artist randomly.


2LP – Boxset features Equinoxe and Equinoxe Infinity on CDs as Vinyl Replica CDs, Equinoxe and Equinoxe Infinity on 180 Gram heavyweight Vinyl. Scratchcard to download both albums. 4x Posters of the artworks in superzize.


LP – 180 Gram Black Vinyl housed in Gatefold Sleeve with Download.