All new DD Walkman Leather Case & Strap ( NOT EMBOSSED) (walkman not included!)


All new, all leather case for classic DD type body Sony Walkman personal stereo cassette player.

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Designed to address the one issue that owners of the Classic DD series have little to no control over… aged cases.

The DD series was a groundbreaking release from Sony, and many are still going strong today, no doubt thanks to a small band of dedicated enthusiasts, technicians and a very healthy on line community.

But many are reluctant to venture outdoors with their prized DD walkman, and let’s face it…. thats a real shame!

As an owner of several DD units myself, I decided that I wanted to create a new DD case. By making them widely available to the ever growing walkman community, I knew that I was helping enthusiasts the world over get more joy from their DD unit.

Designed by myself, taking cues from the original DD case, this case has been hand made from very high quality leather, and includes a gloriously clear window to show off those iconic DD transport controls.

To the rear, a belt loop and you also have the added advantage of side loops to attach the leather shoulder strap (adjustable), for that classic 80’s walkman look and feel.

Extra care has been taken to ensure the inside is lined, so there is no risk of any scratches on your walkman.

The NON EMBOSSED version is suitable for the Sony wm-5, a non DD unit that utilizes the same form factor. 

if, (like me), you have gone to great lengths to have your DD type unit restored, it seems a shame to not get more use out of your walkman. This case allows you to use the walkman as intended AND offers a layer of protection.

As with all products of this nature, the leather should age wonderfully, and whilst it may feel a little tight at first, it shouldnt be too long before it fits your walkman like a 2nd skin.

But dont take my word for it… check out the review on the walkman archive.

Walkmans not included in the sale!!!!

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