Ghostpoet – I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep




Two-time Mercury Prize nominee Ghostpoet (aka Obaro

Ejimiwe) follows up 2017’s acclaimed ‘Dark Days +

Canapés’ with a record which couldn’t feel more prescient – a

dystopian snapshot of the universal unease and anxiety we feel

as we enter into this new decade (in lockdown mode!), an

uncertain future distilled across these 10 vital tracks.

The first single ‘Concrete Pony’ is the perfect entry point to the

record – bluesy, gritty and foreboding and accompanied by an

incredible video, with its distinctly Lynchian feel, surreal and

beautifully cinematic.

Written, arranged and produced by Ghostpoet, the album

incorporates a myriad of sounds and styles anchored by the altrock

sonics of his last two records and a nod to the likes of

Massive Attack who he provided guest vocals for a couple of

years ago. It also features guest vocals from an eclectic mix of

artists; Art School Girlfriend, Skinny Girl Diet’s Delilah

Holiday, SaraSara and Katie Dove Dixon.

The artwork is a stunning recreation of the famous gothic

painting ‘The Nightmare’ by Fuseli with Obaro as the stricken


Limited edition clear vinyl LP for indie stores only.

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