Multiquarium Big Band feat Bireli Lagrene – Remembering Jaco


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Multiquarium Big Band feat. Biréli Lagrène: “Remerbering Jaco” is a tribute to Jaco Pastorius’s music, made by André Charlier (drums) and Benoit Sourisse (piano) from the Multiquarium Big Band, one of the best French Big Bands.   Jaco Pastorius is a big star in the Jazz-Rock scene (and beyond), an icon for bass players all around the world, the one who brought to electric bass the possibility of becoming in some cases, a soloist instrument in a band. Jaco Pastorius made very famous solo albums and wrote amazing big band music. He played with Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell but was also a very important member of the famous Jazz-rock band, Weather Report with Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul, Peter Erskine (who contributes some spoken word to this album!)   The virtuoso gypsy guitar player, Biréli Lagrène, has been invited to play electric fretless bass on the album. Biréli, who, as a young genius of the guitar, began to play in Montreux when he was 14, he is now 50 and played one year and a half with Jaco Pastorius on stage when he was 19 years old. Biréli is an amazing bass player, he perfectly integrated how Jaco’s Music was working and pushed it beyond its borders. The vinyl edition is a luxurious 2LP box set (180g) with a bonus track and a bonus side of improvisations + two unreleased photos of Jaco & Bireli on stage.LP Track list:   LP 1/SIDE A: Introduction by Peter Erskine Used To Be a Cha Cha  Barbary Coast Interlude #1 by Peter Erskine Liberty City (intro) / Invitation   LP 1/SIDE B: Continuum Kuru / Speak Like a Child Interlude #2 by Peter Erskine Teen Town Three Views Of a Secret   LP 2/ SIDE A: The Chicken (ON VINYL ONLY!) Fanny Mae Palladium Conclusion by Peter Erskine   LP 2/SIDE B: Improvisation #1 (ON VINYL ONLY!) Improvisation #2 (ON VINYL ONLY!) Improvisation #3 (ON VINYL ONLY!)