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The Poll Is Now Closed – Thank You for Your Votes!

We’ve tallied a remarkable 160 votes for the RSD poll this year! This is a significant jump from our usual 70-90 votes, and it’s especially notable considering the shorter voting period this time around. Your enthusiasm has exceeded our expectations, with the average queue expected to swell beyond the 100 mark by the time we open our doors.

The results were varied: some items received overwhelming support, while others didn’t capture as much interest. Rest assured, the poll guides our orders with the labels, but then comes the crucial part: ALLOCATION. Even for titles that garnered 40 votes, if we order 50 copies, we might only receive 10 due to global limitations on pressings.

Time to Strategize Your RSD Game Plan

So, what’s your plan? Deciding when to join the queue depends on the A+B+C of it:

  • A: The number of copies pressed
  • B: How much you desire the title
  • C: Your readiness for an early start (Is your alarm loud enough?)

We refrain from suggesting a queue time. It’s not our place to assume that responsibility—if we suggest 3 AM and you miss out by one spot, we’d feel terrible. Consider the ABCs, and remember: queueing can start as early as 11 PM on Friday.

We encourage our shop’s friends, our valued and loyal regulars, to aim for the front of the queue.

Embracing RSD Spirit

Regardless of allocations, RSD is a highlight for us. Our queue is famously enjoyable, a tradition for many of you since our first event. We eagerly anticipate celebrating with you all on the big day!

As usual, there are no reservations, and it’s one per title, per customer. For more details, visit the RSD banner on our homepage or check out Record Store Day UK.

HERE WE GO! Let the countdown to RSD begin.