All change

So, the shop is happening, and with it a few changes…. Out with the old logo, and in with the new. Many reasons, but mostly because as a record shop, its important to include the word RECORDS…    From now on, moving forward, this is the only logo that will be used. It describes what … Continue reading All change

Its a sign!

Well this will look just swell behind the main counter. Sadly, it arrived in pieces, having suffered at the hands of couriers between Italy and the UK. But I managed to fix it, and fitted new LED strips to the inside. its almost 5 feet long, and rather impressive.

The DC2 is back

I have the house almost to myself this evening. My wife is at the cinema with her friends, and the youngest daughter is revising. So it’s time to just sit back and let the DC2 / Little Dot MKII (with upgraded tubes) feed the Beyer DT880’s with some Jamiroquai on a new That’s VX. Sadly … Continue reading The DC2 is back