The Journey

Analogue October Records (The Label!)

Introducing Analogue October Records’ New Audiophile Jazz Reissue Label

Why This Album?

Courtney Pine, at the youthful age of 22 when he created this remarkable album, made a lasting impact on the jazz scene.

Research & Mastering is key!

When I compiled a wish list of the necessary components for this endeavor, I made no compromises. There was no room for anything less than perfection. Those who know me well are aware of my close relationship with Gearbox Records. I adore their work and encourage everyone to explore their releases. Their workflow and pipeline are simply exquisite. The GEARBOX SOUND embodies the warmth and sweetness I envisioned for my label.

The next step involves acquiring as many copies of the titles I intend to license as feasible and conducting a thorough listening process. This approach not only enables me to set a benchmark but also considers the various factors in play, especially when handling pressings from different global regions. These distinctions may range from subtle to overt, and my goal is to identify and appreciate these subtleties.

DS Audio

Introducing Tetsuaki Aoyagi from Japan’s DS Audio, the manufacturer behind the most disruptive technological advance in vinyl playback since Emile Berliner. In contrast to relying on magnets or coils, their traditional cartridge uses a photoreceptor to trace and track the minute vibrations from the groove. Let me clarify: this system is 100% analog—no digital witchcraft involved. The sound quality it delivers is nothing short of outstanding. Combined with the new Meitner DS-EQ from our friends Ed Meitner and Amadeus Meitner, it constitutes the ultimate reference playback system. If youve yet to hear the DS concept, you owe it to your ears to get a demo!

1000 copies, this title will be pressed at Optimal.


Packaging holds immense importance for me. I despise subpar packaging. Moreover, the Vinyl Community on YouTube has dedicated countless hours to discussing the quality of packaging, so I established some rules:

  1. No Shrink Wrap
  2. Every Record in a Poly Lined Sleeve
  3. High-Quality Stiff Laminated Card
  4. No Sleeve Image Scanning (where appropriate)

Our friends at Selsey Press have risen to the challenge and surpassed expectations.

A great Listen, A Great Read!

Blessed to have the amazing Mike Flynn, editor of Jazzwise Magazine create a two page essay for the Albums insert. The essay talks about the albums creationas well as it’s influence on the current British Jazz Explosion!

“Journey to the Urge Within” is just the beginning. There are several titles in various stages of license requests—some are tantalizingly close to fruition. It seems, furthermore, that another trip to Gearbox will be on the horizon within weeks.

I genuinely hope you relish the first batch of titles from Analogue October Records.

Courtney Pine’s Jouney To The Urge Within was released by Analogue October Records on October 6th 2023