12″ inner sleeves (50)


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12″ inner sleeves (50)


Spin Care Vinyl supplies a range of high-quality vinyl care accessories to help protect and maintain vinyl record collections worldwide.


Made from high-quality HDPE, these record sleeves offer a high quality yet affordable replacement for paper sleeves and a superb accompaniment for cardboard inner sleeves;


Features and Benefits


Quality – Official Spin Care inner vinyl record sleeves


Smart Design – Rounded sleeves make it easy to slide records in and out, without damaging them


Anti-Static – Our HDPE Sleeves are naturally anti-static. No fancy anti-static guns or gizmos needed. 


Strong – High-Quality HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) does not bunch or collapse when records are taken out of the sleeve


Versatile – Can replace paper sleeves, or easily slide into cardboard sleeves. Available in 7″” and 12″” flavours.


Gentle – Smooth to the touch; will not scratch your records, or leave dirt deposits. Residue free


Premium – Vinyl records are a premium product and a premium product naturally deserves a premium sleeve.


What’s Wrong with Paper & Cardboard Sleeves?


Paper sleeves can decompose over time, leaving debris on your record. Your stylus won’t be happy.


Paper and cardboard sleeves (cardboard particularly) can be very “”rough”” and can leave hairline scratches on your records when they are removed. 


Paper sleeves are not anti-static. Charged records attract dirt, which needs to be eliminated or playback quality can be significantly affected.


Includes 50 sleeves